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Stop having boring sex: Adult Toys for Couples

If you’re in a relationship and looking to increase both pleasure and
intimacy, consider experimenting with sex toys created with partnered
play in mind.  Maturesforfuck  dating experts say that using pleasure
products with your partner shows that you’re open to exploration and

1 – Vibrating Ring

There’s an adage about the best things coming in small packages, and a
vibrating ring is a typical example. At first inspection, this circular
apparatus doesn’t look as if it could supply the erotic potency of a
vibrator. But it’s capable of delivering an equally dynamic boost to your
sex lives. Once erect, tweak this device around the shaft (it stretches, so
no need to fret about compatibility.) When in place, it will ensure the
blood keeps pumping, maintaining 100% attention. Once activated, this
little buzzing ring will drive your clit wild.

2 – Massage Oil Candle

Once the BDSM community’s preserve, the 1993 erotic thriller Body of
Evidence brought massage candles to a mainstream audience, with
Madonna dripping hot wax onto Willem Dafoe. It’s a great way to
introduce a kinky element of pain and pleasure to your bedroom. Firstly,
there’s the seductive fragrance, composed of aphrodisiac scents and
oils. Then the allure of the radiant candle, casting a flickering glow to the
seductive shadows. Next, the nerve-tingling heat from the wax. Finally,
the stimulating massage.

3 – We-Vibe couples’ vibrator

To the uninitiated, vibrators are for masturbation. But why can’t that
delightful pulsating technique become a shared experience? A We-Vibe
couples vibrator creates mutual satisfaction – and then some! Unlike
‘traditional’ vibrating devices, these unique toys come in more of a C-
shape. This lusty devil will rest securely against the vagina’s wall, its
external point meeting the clitoris. As it starts vibrating, there’s space

enough for the guy to penetrate, fitting comfortably as the action
begins. The couple will relish the communal vibrations.

4 – Blindfold and Restraints Set

Sadomasochism is hardly a modern practice – the name derives from the
notorious 18th-century libertarian, the Marquis de Sade. There’s an
entire subculture of couples or groups hooked on bondage, dominance,
and submission. But if you’d like to indulge your inner master/mistress
and servant dynamic, all you require are a blindfold and restraints.
Endless hours of foreplay await, with optional cuffs, collars, and whips.

5 – Anal plug set

Your butt is a massive erogenous zone, so so many couples are hot for
anal sex. Coupled with the taboo nature of this practice, anything that
will enhance the act is always welcome. An anal plug set will significantly
augment your pleasure, and the concept is so simple. Because there’s a
tapered end, entry to the butt hole is comfortable, while the sphincter
will rest against the bulb shape. The plug’s thin neck and flared base
ensure the removal is streamlined. This will provoke oodles of pleasure,
even without anal penetration.

6 – Roll Play Foreplay Dice

Could there be a more straightforward way of intensifying your
foreplay? The concept is so essential. As you prepare to get down to
some incredibly frisky fun, you transform this into a game of erotic
chance with a little dice, with various options ready to be unleashed. It
can compete with any vial of perfume or scented candle as a kinky gift
for a loved one, and its pocket-size makes it easy to pack for naughty
weekend breaks.

7 – Sex Swing

Let’s face it, there are only so many exciting new sexual positions for you
to try when you’re lying on the couch, and even a sprawling four-poster
in a hotel suite has its limitations. But a sex swing or hammock increases
the potential for a wild and acrobatic experience dramatically, offering
so many different positions.

8 – Whip

Aside from the kinky aspect of whips being used to exert dominance
and, therefore, sexual potency, there are medical reasons why whipping
will increase your libido. Your skin is one sizeable sensory organ. Being
caressed can bring on the horniness; an expertly-wielded whip will
improve your skin’s sensitivity no end. Striking the butt or thighs –
anywhere near the genital area – will prompt increased circulation,
meaning heightened sensations.

9 – K-Y Warming Jelly Lubricant

Who knew a tub of jelly could play such a vital role in sex play? Giving
warming sensations to the guy, tingling to the girl, you can apply K-Y to
any sensitive area to optimize comfort.

10 – Masturbation Sleeve

These synthetic tubes are perfect for masturbation, but they’re also
fantastic for blow jobs or hand jobs, allowing exciting new feelings to be
generated. A sleeve will transform a 69 into such a leisurely sex act you’ll
want to return more as frequently as possible.

Stop having boring sex: Adult Toys for Couples

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