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Should You Watch Porn with Your Partner?

Porn is something we’ve all watched at some point in our life but often keep to ourselves. It’s a
private affair mostly, a way of relieving stress and getting your fix when the mood arises. Of
course, it’s nothing compared to the real thing, but the medium certainly plays a varying part in
many people’s day-to-day activities. But what happens when you’re in a relationship? Should
you include your partner in what you like to watch? Would you want to know what they like to
watch as well? mature women dating site decided to explore this issue further.

Watching porn together can bring you closer.

They say you should never hide anything from your partner – and if you’re doing something you
don’t think they will like, you probably shouldn’t be doing it at all. By letting your walls down and
exploring your partner’s favorite types of porn, you may find new intimacy levels in your
relationship which come from discovering new things about each other. By hiding away when
you want to watch porn, you create a distance. It does not have to be a seedy thing in the
slightest viewing porn together is an intrinsic part of some very healthy relationships.

It can lead to honest conversations.

Communication is the single most important part of any healthy relationship, whether you’re
talking about stress at work, your favorite music, or the kind of food you love to eat. The notion
extends to what you think about adult entertainment as well. Keeping secrets from your partner
is a quick way to start arguments and create distance in any relationship, so it’s always best to
have honest conversations and allow yourself to be open with any sexual partner. This way, you
can watch all the porn you want but not feel that sense of shame afterward.

If your partner is willingly involved in your porn viewing habits, you’ll find the relationship
becomes stronger. Not to mention, the honest conversation about sexual turn-ons is a huge
aphrodisiac in itself.

Watching porn together can spark new ideas in the bedroom.

We’ve all been in relationships where things get a little stale, and you end up doing the same
two or three things in the bedroom. That level of comfortability can be nice for a while, but you
always want to keep your partner on their toes. By watching porn together, you get ideas for
new positions and role-play scenarios. Have a discussion and read your partner’s body
language to see what turns them on when you’re next watching porn together. Try to
incorporate those things into your sex life. Trust me on this one, everything is worth trying
once… or twice.

You might discover you like things you never, ever considered.

While porn is great for discovering new ideas, it’s even better for pushing you towards things
you’d never even considered. There have been plenty of times in my relationship where I have
thought, ‘no way, I would never do that.’ But after stumbling across certain fetishes, you can
sometimes be convinced to give them a whirl – especially if your partner finds it hot. This is a
great way to open doors in your relationship, which you never thought you would open, leading
to a fulfilling (not to mention, surprising) sex life.

It may lessen the need to act out on sexual desires outside of your relationship.

If you watch porn on your own, you subconsciously create unhealthy space with your partner in
terms of sexual activity. While it may seem natural to keep porn for yourself, it may lead to
exploring more and more things on your own. Watching porn can quickly turn into making a
casual dating site account. Flirting with people online then turns into meeting people in real life.
We’re all human, we are all going to find other people attractive. When you include your partner
in these thoughts, you end up becoming closer as a result.

Final Thoughts

If you want my opinion, you should try watching porn with your partner at least once. If it isn’t for
you, then at least you can say you gave it a try. But the positives are potentially endless. If you
want to be completely honest and open up a whole new avenue of sexual exploration, this might
be the path for you.

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